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Information for CROs and Sponsors

  • University Clinical Investigators has the abilities and experience to perform non-overnight phase 1 and phase 2-4 studies

  • Access to a searchable electronic patient database of more than 15,000 patients

  • Recruitment through database, television adverts, internet ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, flyers, referrals, patient outreach letters

  • The team handles approximately 10-15 clinical trials concurrently (i.e. 2-3 studies/coordinator)

  • Coordinators are fully trained to GCP and CFR regulations, phlebotomy and lab certified

  • Patients are seen by both Investigators and Coordinator at each visit

  • Principal Investigator and coordinators are available at all CRA visits

  • University Clinical Investigators works with any central IRB, no restrictions

  • Regulatory/budget paperwork turnover in less than 1 week

  • The office has over 5,000 dedicated square feet

  • 7 exam rooms

  • Onsite lab to process samples, phlebotomy certified laboratory

  • Cold centrifuges

  • Ample space for drug storage

  • -20° freezer linked to temperature alarm system

  • Refrigerator linked to temperature alarm system

  • Patient files stored in locked cabinets and secured rooms

  • Wireless Internet access, telephone, fax, scanner

  • Fully equipped monitoring rooms, NCV and PFT equipment

  • Dry ice access

  • 12 lead ECG machines

  • Access to X-Ray machine

  • Walk-in medical clinic (Sunrise Medical Center) located in the same building

  • Tustin Hospital Medical Center located 3 miles from University Clinical Investigators

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